AGI restored my life, UWERA Liberatha

I am one of the unmarried mothers who moved out of school because of pregnancy. I was sad for a long time, hopeless, and loneliness was my only hobby.  I had absolutely nothing to feed my children and my family could only consider me useless. The man who raped me and made me pregnant could not offer any help and he could not even talk to me. After getting pregnant I had to get into prostitution to get food for my children I was considered as a sex tool where I could accept any amount of money to survive.  

When I heard about an organization called AGI that was operating from Rutare V.T.C, I came for registration. Lucky enough, I was selected and got a chance to be trained in Food Processing and Life Skills program.

From those programs I felt starting a different life where I could share heart with fellows and play different games, and my life slowly changed. Today, I no longer feel lonely and my identification has shifted from sadness and hopelessness to joy and hopefulness.       

 After the Food Processing Training, I did an internship in a factory that deals with milk processing. After my internship, I have been appreciated by Milton Gatuna Company because of the knowledge I got from Adolescent Girls Initiative project trainings (AGI); and was offered a job that pays me a pleasing monthly salary of sixty thousand Rwandan francs (60,000Rfws).  I can now take care of my children and myself. The man who had rejected me after making me pregnant, came back and asked for forgiveness. He proposed me to marry him after seeing that I was then a woman of vision.

My vision is to become rich and help young girls to go to school, I wish to give my skills to a big number of girls so that they do not go into prostitution because they can have unexpected babies in addition to HIV aids.

I am in a cooperative and help young girls to work hard in order to focus their future.

AGI has given me Knowledge, life, value, job and husband; AGI is everything to me.