Quality management systems in TVET as key to train skilled workforce

From 19th -20th December 2016 seventeen school managers and deans of studies from 9 schools met in a workshop to discuss the results of quality assessment conducted in their respective institutions.
School Managers & their deputies in charge of studies pose for a group photo after the workshop.

The assessments focussed on management processes in TVET schools and are in line with WDA’s efforts to establish a standard accreditation procedure. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the German Development Cooperation through GIZ Eco-Emploi programme

This workshop reflected on quality management systems in the TVET sector and its effects on the delivery of high quality training programs. Key areas of improvement were identified and agreed upon during the workshop especially in human resource management and financial management systems.

In her opening remarks, Beate Dippmar, TVET component manager in GIZ supported programme ‘Eco-Emploi’, highlighted the relevance of management processes in TVET schools to ensure high-quality training. She explained that Eco-Emploi is targeting a complete TVET school development, where training of management and staff is implemented hand in hand. 

Competent TVET staff and effective processes are fundament for innovative training approaches such as employment-oriented dual training, to equip young girls and boys with the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed at workplaces. 

Doris Weidemann, the German QM expert facilitating the workshop noted the importance of implementing IT solutions in management system using software such as ‘Urubuto’, to strategize the inclusion of people with disabilities in TVET schools.  This would as well go with the maintenance of infrastructures and equipment. 

“Teachers are very appreciative of the process of assessing the management system of their schools; they describe it as a mirror that will help them improve where necessary. The discussions of the findings were very constructive”, she added.

According to Oscar Ndabunguye, a teacher from Mpanda VTC, the finding from the assessment are very factual and made them realize that they need to make improvement in their respective schools.

In the future, the selected TVET schools will be supported in setting up and improving management processes for provision of high quality training in partnership with companies.