Rubengera TSS officially inaugurated

A new private Technical Secondary School (TSS) was inaugurated on 07th July 2012 in Rubengera, Karongi District. Rubengera Technical Secondary School (RTSS) is a new initiative of the protestant sisterhood “Abaja ba Kristo,” established in Rubengera since 1984.
Sr Epiphanie cutting wood with the grain on precision framesaw
The Community of Sisters and their partners invested one hundred seventy million Rwandan Francs (170.000.000 Rwf) so far for the RTSS Campus. For the complete set up of the Study Center and RTSS Campus the budget will cover another one hundred and twenty million Rwandan Francs (120.000.000Rwf).
Director general WDA Jerome Gasana during his speech


The 3 years training on A2 Level at RTSS will start in January 2013 and will be focused on carpentry and wood technology based on TVET guidelines given by WDA/ Mineduc. RTSS also plans to offer short term vocational training courses as well as evening courses in order to meet life-long learning challenges for people in the region.

Berthe Mukarurangwa, Headsister of “Abaja ba Kristo” said that he vision of RTSS is to support the development of personal and technical skills of young people and to provide lifelong-learning opportunities in order to strengthen a sustainable and technology-based business development with a strong focus on the regional needs of western Province.

Director General of WDA, Jerome Gasana noted the important role for theory and practical skills that enable to become competitive in working environment and society. He also commended the good cooperation between the Community of Sisters, German and Dutch partners of the deaconess community, the Presbyterian Church of Rwanda, the local government, WDA and the Ministry of Education.

The project director of RTSS Tim Bluthardt emphasized that training the students “on the job” will be another very important part of the RTSS program. This will be done in the integrated production unit, which supports self-sustainability and the covering of expenses of RTSS.

The guests were given an impressive demonstration of the high quality woodworking equipment by the workers of the RTSS production unit. They also were invited to visit the exhibition of neighboring schools in the workshop’s Practice Room, where different western province technical schools were presented. 

Gloria Benimana