TVET Students Set to Specialise in one Year Courses

Students taking technical education (TVET) courses will specialize in one filed and sit for practical examination at end of each year before graduation.

Beginning next year all students in technical education (TVET) courses will specialize in one field and sit for practical exams at the end of each year before graduation.
This was revealed by the State Minister of Education in Charge of Technical Vocational Education and Training, Olivier Rwamukwaya during the launch of 2017 TVET practical exams, this week.
 “This is aimed at improving their practical skills and being acquainted with their respective courses before graduation. This will give hope that in the near future, students who take technical education will be able to fit in the job market” Rwamukwaya said.
Formerly students have been taking various courses- for three years and have previously been examined in 25 subjects.
The subjects include: general mechanics, motor vehicle mechanics, secretarial, hotel operations, tourism public works’, finance and banking, surveying, music, customs and tax operations among others.
The launch was held at Saint Joseph integrated Polytechnic in Nyarugege district and attended by Work Development Force (WDA) Director General, Jérôme Gasana.
Minister Rwamukwaya also said that the government of Rwanda wants all schools offering technical and vocational education to be equipped with the necessary facilities to enable students to perform well.
A total of 21, 935 students in Technical Secondary Schools (TSS) today sat for their 2017 TVET national practical examinations held in 119 Centers from 183 Schools across the country.
George Gatungye, a student in the department of construction said that this is the set time when students are accorded an opportunity to competitively demonstrate the skills acquired.
“I believe practical exams help in making a choice regarding our future careers and also prepares us to be competent for our trade”.