Validated TVET Curricula set to bolstering job creation spirit

Professionals during validation process of the TVET Curriculum

The Validated Curricula for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) schools is doomed to bolstering jobs creation spirit among the graduates.

The validation of TVET curricula has been undertaken under the Workforce Development Authority management as TVET Technical Assistance Pooled Found championed with the validation of the curricula in line with labour market throughout TVET trainer certificate framework.

“I believe this will transform TVET sector,” said Youn Young Joon, the TVET Technical Assistance Pooled Found program manager, which is overseeing the validation under Rwanda Polytechnic.

According to the validators, the process has took four years of developing and validating draft of curricula process, pilot trainings on the draft and integration of the identified breaches.

Under the current arrange, the first bunch of over 1, 600 TVET trainers are set to be taken throughout the programme in between August and September, and November and January. In the country, there are over 4, 000 teachers that will be gradually covered by the programme.

According to Mr Young, under the validated curricula, the teachers in TVET sector will be provided with the trainings to equip them with capacity of transmitting the hands on practical skills beating labour market to the student that will help them to creating jobs.  

According to the management, the development of curricula and their implementation is one of the key competences of teachers in the area of educational planning and practical training for technical and vocational education and training institutions and training companies.

Marie Jeanne Musabyimana, the deputy head teacher from Groupe Scolaire Notre Dame de Cyanika, among the validators hailed the validated curricula with new aspects for helping students tapping into job creation.   

“Within the previous curricula, it was all about helping teachers to prepare their classroom teachings and never mind on helping students linking the knowledge acquired in classroom with the labour market needs,” said Musabyimana.

According to Musabyimana, the revised curricula will be inclusive to all people be it with disabilities, with transmissible diseases and providing equal chance to both girl and boy children to undertaking TVET courses.

Adding to that, the validation of the curricula introduced an industrial attachment for teachers, which will help them acquiring new skills in regards to the labour market needs.

“These curricula don’t solely based on how better teachers offering their class courses rather it also guide them how to following up on students linking up with market needs,” she added.

The government is striding to promoting technical and vocational training to facilitate the transition to the labour market.