How to Apply

How do you know when to apply?

From advertisements in print and electronic media, which invite proposals from potential bidders.

If you are interested in applying please check your eligibility below and download application from this page. For details please contact us  or  Mob Tel (+250)788305601, Mob Tel (+250)788303886, Mob Tel (+250) 788557156

Applicants will be offered technical assistance in proposal preparation

Who are the eligible applicants?

These include training providers who would be expected to use the funds to add or expand short-term training offerings:

  1. Public training educational providers (to add or expand short-term training offerings)
  2. Government-aided training educational  institutions
  3. Private training providers (for-profit)
  4. Private training providers (not-for-profit)
  5. Associations and Cooperatives
  6. Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)
  7. Legally and financially autonomous Enterprises

 Who are not eligible?

  • Individuals.
  • Members of the Grants Committee.
  • Pilot institutions supported under Component 1 of the Project are only eligible to participate in the SDF in the third round of call for proposals.
  • WDA staff or their immediate family members (parents, spouse and children).

What to attach?

For the completeness of the proposal the applicant has to check the following; the list is not    exhaustive but these are minimum requirements:   

  1. Legal Registration proving at least one year of experience of the institution applying
  2. Memorandum of understanding if you are partnering with anybody in providing trainings
  3. Bank statement of  at least  3 months’ time from the submission closing date
  4. Rwanda Revenue Clearance Tax  Certificate  
  5. Adherence to the Skills Development Fund  proposal format
  6. The proposal has to be signed and stamped by the appropriate person