Programme of activities for the TVET week (9th November to 14th December)






28th November to 3rd December, 2013

TVET Symposium

29th November, 2013

TVET Road show

9th November-14th December, 2013

Entertainment + TVET Public Awareness

Launching of the Audio-TVET Song

Launching of the Video-TVET Song

Search for talented students to enroll for music

9th November-14th December 2013

Kubaza Bitera Kumenya (TV press conference – spotlighting TVET with audience participation)

1st December, 2013

Launching of TVET Schools



Swiss supported schools


Shair Academy

14th December, 2013

Gishari Integrated Polytechnic

28th November, 2013

Signing of MoUs with

Rwanda Correctional Services

African Development Bank

27th November, 2013

Meetings with:

IPRC Principals & School managers

25th October, 2013


27th November, 2013


First Councilors-All Rwandan Embassies

25th November, 2013

local leaders through IPRC Principals

26th November, 2013

Press Conference (Marketing the TVET week + Launching of the TVET Year Book)

7th November, 2013