School of Art and Music

Rwanda’s first School of Music  opened doors on March 10th, 2014 with an intake of 30 students. These 30 students were selected out of seventy-six competitors who passed preliminary competitions in December 2013 from all provinces and Kigali city. They include 25 males and 5 females, taking a 3-year course. 

The overall objective of the school is to create professionals who will transform Rwanda’s music industry. The government injected at least Rwf500 million in the school in order to boost music and arts industry. 

This school is located in Nyundo, Rubavu district (western province). Modules offered fall under vocal music, use of instruments (drums, piano, guitar, wind instruments, percussion and local instruments), music theory, production, entrepreneurship, languages, music history, among others.

Training here is competence based. Students will be awarded Certificate 1, Certificate 2 and an advanced certificate after completing 1,2 and 3 years respectively. Graduates from the school will go on to become singers, instrumentalists, producers, trainers, MCs/DJs, composers etc.

The music school has a staff of 7 instructors (local and international), all specialized in different fields of music. According to the school’s Director Mr. Jacques Murigande, more classrooms and instructors will be put in place in the next few years. A lot is also being done to make sure that a new state of the art recording studio and performance space is established at the school in the next 5 years.