Its activities and scope of services to be provided shall be organized and managed around the following four strategic pillars;

(i) Skills Development through Vocational Training
(ii) Business Incubation (Entrepreneurship Development)
(iii) Setting Industry Standards
(iv) Regulation and Accreditation.

The philosophy behind WDA is that of a demand-led competency-based skills development. This philosophy shall ensure that all curricula that are implemented under the WDA framework arises out of the need of the employers and the curricula would have gone through thorough consultation with employers concerning the skill needs. The platform for consultation with employers will be through employer-led councils called Manpower Skills Training Council (MSTC). It is through this mechanism of employer-driven and employer consultation that we will be able to ensure that future workforce of Rwanda will have the right skills competent to perform the job that they are hired to do. To further the philosophy of demand-led skills development in Rwanda context, WDA will focus on implementing investment-driven training, entrepreneurship-driven training, productivity/service driven training and agricultural driven training. These four programmes shall ensure that participants of WDA endorsed skills development programme do not end up in the street.