Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is to improve TVET quality towards Quality Standards in TVET process.  Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic pattern of all actions necessary to improve TVET quality.  Some of examples in these actions are, but not limited to, training, mentoring, coaching and supervising TVET institutions to improve their quality against Quality Standards.

Quality Assurance is planned and organised by WDA based on Quality Audit Report.  Annual Quality Assurance Plan is to be developed with, at least, the following components: (1) objectives: (2) concerned TVET institutions: (3) strategic approach: and (4) implementation plan.  In objectives, concerned quality area and/or criteria against Quality Standards are to be defined in order to be strategically improved through various activities.  Concerned quality area and/or criteria are requested to come from Quality Audit Report for the purpose of evidence-based planning.  Likewise, concerned TVET institutions that are to ameliorate concerned quality area and/or criteria are to be selected based on Quality Audit Report.  Then, strategic approaches on how to improve concerned quality area/criteria at concerned TVET institutions are to be developed.  Various methods can be used at strategic approaches.  For instance, training to TVET institutions, cooperative leaning workshops between TVET institutions, on the job training, and regular mentoring and coaching can be brainstormed in practical and strategic ways.  In general, Districts and Sectors are required to mentor and coach TVET institutions against Quality Standards in general process, such as Leadership, Management and Administration.  On the other hands, WDA is requested to mentor and coach technical process, especially including learning services and environment, and cooperation.  With strategic approaches, detailed implementation plan should be developed.  The plan is to have clear deliverables, timeline and activities, participants, beneficiaries and estimated budget.

Once the plan is developed, WDA is to implement, coordinate and supervise annual quality assurance activities.  Institutional and stakeholder arrangements are key to implement, coordinate and supervise the activities.  Concerned TVET institutions are to be properly communicated and requested to participate in the activities.  Relevant activities are to be well arranged in appropriate timeline and venue.  Relevant and appropriate facilitators, trainers, mentors, coachers are to be dispatched.  Through the activities, the outcome can be revealed in the next Quality Audit.