WDA trains TVET School Managers on gender mainstreaming

From Monday 19th October 2020, Workforce Development Authority started a three days training workshop for 252 TVET School Managers and Gender Focal Points on Gender Mainstreaming TVET Training Module.

The Objective of the workshop is to train TVET School Managers and Gender Focal Points on Gender mainstreaming, enhance their understanding on key gender concepts and explain to them the relationship between gender and culture and how they influence female enrollment in TVET schools.

This is in line with the implementation of one of the Presidential commitments of HeForShe campaign, and WDA was assigned to implement “Triple girl’s enrollment in Technical and Vocational training” to advance women’s employment opportunities via up to 50% female share in TVET.

During the workshop, the participants discussed different topics including -Gender, culture and socialization that lead to Gender Based Violence, Gender Based Violence forms, causes and consequences in TVET Schools as well as strategies for prevention and responses to Gender Based Violence.

It was also an opportunity for the participants in the workshop to discuss Gender equality issues in TVET Schools, possibly causing factors and proposed strategies to address both issues and causes as well.

While opening the workshop, Genereuse Nyirakamana, WDA official in charge of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation and gender in TVET Schools said that these trainings are meant to equip teachers -in charge of gender equity and equality in TVET schools -with skills for its successful implementation.

She reminded them to know what is gender equality and equity as well as the steps to follow in order to raise this principle among the TVET schools.

 Nyiramana Jeannette from College Doctrina TVET School in Gasabo District said” These training sessions come at the right time. It helped us to know what is really gender and the difference between gender and sex. It also helped us to know that both boys and girls have the same capacity of doing things .After this training  we are going to mobilize  others  starting with our students ,their parents and other stakeholders by showing them that both boys and girls are equal.”

Gahima Saoul, the school manager of URUMURI TVET School in Bugesera District said:  “these trainings were very important as we became aware of different issues related to gender especially in TVET Schools, their causes and how they can be addressed.”

“Some of these issues in our schools are based on the fact that some girls or boys have poor mindset where boys say that there are trades that are meant for girls while some girls think that there are trades (options) to be learnt by boys only”, he said.

He added that all these have origin from the mindset of their parents, beliefs which end up affecting TVET in general.

“After this training we are going to run a campaign by educating parents and children in collaboration with the local leaders to change this mindset and we hope that there will be a change,” he added.


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